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Innovation in control valves is about creating simplicity. Can it be easier to install and service? Can it be versatile for different applications? Can they be more durable and longer lasting?

We looked at these questions and built a line of control valves that not only lead in quality and product life, but also support a variety of use cases. These are long lasting, carbon steel valves that can be used for suction bypass, back pressure, compressors and almost all process applications.

Most of these breakthroughs were driven by customer requests. In a market full of valve options, our customers wanted something easy to use and adaptable. Each time we went back to the drawing board and put together new solutions; designing, manufacturing and implementing technologies we wanted a product that greatly improved operations and the bottom line of our customer’s operations.

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The SF10V is a standalone valve
control valves to run on the same body design

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  True Green Technology

The SF10V is a standalone valve, requiring no makeup gas or air to function. The unique design uses process fluid to control the valve and dumps all excess process fluids downstream. No venting into the atmosphere is required

  Common Body Design

To add to the simplicity of the SF10V design, we built all of our control valves to run on the same body design for every application. That means if the customer has a 1” valve, they can quickly and easily replace it with another 1” valve for a different purpose. The same goes for the rubber bladder, therefore you can greatly reduce your parts inventory by having one type of bladder for each valve size.