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Patented Turbine Meters

Our patented, innovative paddlewheel flow meter; An advancement of the classic turbine technology; that's the best way to describe our SF1015 turbine meter. Using a paddle-wheel system, our product significantly improves the product lifespan while ensuring accurate measurement of liquids and emissions. Tested in the harshest environments against tough abrasives, our turbine meters outlast and outperform anything on the market.

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  Maintaining the Flow

When major patents expired years ago, there was a flood of copies and poorly designed products that were a struggle to install and maintain. Repairs required the entire assembly to be removed from the line, making a small problem a huge delay.

Sur-Flo built a bi-directional turbine meter that allowed our customers to isolate the meter and simply pull the components right out the top, make replacements and drop the cartridge back into place. The self-aligning setup made it fool-proof as parts fit back into position perfectly. Inspection and repairs on the SF1015 can be made while the meter is still in line. Do not remove plug assembly while the system is under pressure. Pressure must be bled off line before servicing the meter.


  Working Through Anything

One of the biggest challenges with turbine meters is that they’re designed for water but face pollutants and solids that degrade and destroy conventional turbine blades. We saw products on the market that lasted weeks and sometimes days before requiring complete replacement. Our approach was to use a paddle design that spun at the velocity of the line flow, significantly reducing wear.

As a result, we’ve created one of the longest lasting turbine meters on the market; fewer replacements and far less servicing, which produce greater savings for our customers.

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