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Meter Run

Our innovation of meter run technology was inspired by the overwhelming complexity of existing solutions on the market. With unnecessary parts, significant operational downtime and complicated, mandatory steps to ensure safe servicing, the industry was due for a more intelligent meter run.

Sur-Flo designed the Roto-Boss to be the fastest, safest and most user friendly meter on the planet. By cutting down on the parts to six major components, service time is reduced, safety is increased and the overall bottom line is improved.

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Rotate plates in 10 seconds without interrupting gas flow!

Designed for Simplicity

When the line parameters change or a plate gets damaged, operators used to have to shut down the flow, bleed the lines and go through a series of steps before a change can be done. We removed most of these steps so that even inexperienced service technicians can quickly and easily maintain the meter run. It’s as easy as removing the lock, rotating the plate and dropping the pin back in. Think of it like a CD changer, where you can easily unlock and slide the appropriate plate into place.


Improving Safety

Once a meter run is in place, our customers rave about how safe our systems are. By having fewer steps in the process and not interrupting the flow in the line, there is no pressure or harmful gases being released. This is a challenge on other solutions where H2S could be expelled, or pressure could rupture components into service personnel. Now with our meter run, the flow remains uninterrupted meaning faster, safer servicing without spending additional time ‘suiting up’ to protect personnel from potential leaks.


Automating Processes

The automation system we developed allows users to remotely switch between five plates within the meter run without interrupting gas or liquid flow. Easily interfacing into existing operating systems, technicians can adjust the plates within seconds, from anywhere. Users simply initialize the software, enter the password protected interface, and select the appropriate orifice plate setting. With no required location visits and only moments between adjustments, we’re providing exceptional savings in servicing costs and downtime.

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