There are a few key principals in everything we design: the product needs to be easy to use, long lasting and improve our customer’s bottom line.

We take crucial technologies and innovate them by discovering where operations are suffering. If a product is difficult to service, requires constant replacement or increases downtime, we rip it apart and build something better.

Our major product areas all feature significant improvements over the competition, and quite often it’s simple common sense.


Control Valves

Highly durable, interchangeable and ready for almost any process application, our SF10V control valves offer unparalleled versatility.

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Meter Run

Change plates in under 10 seconds without interrupting the flow. That’s the kind of efficiency and simplicity you get from our meter runs.

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Turbine Meters

Easy to service and capable of withstanding the harshest environments, our turbine meters are assembled from materials like tungsten carbide. 

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