A Team Approach to Delivering Value

An experienced company with a fresh perspective; Sur-Flo Meters and Controls has been operating for over 30 years. We wanted to go further than simply distributing oil and gas products, so we added substantial operations and materials expertise to develop our own solutions in-house. Sur-Flo proudly employs a team of dedicated specialists in design and manufacturing, who strive to reinforce our already impressive product selection with industry leading valves, meters and regulator systems.Add Content...

Our values have shifted to a far more team oriented perspective.

Every member of the Sur-Flo team has a daily impact on the success of our company; building our products, serving our customers and innovating on new ideas. This has accelerated our ability to offer unique and comprehensive products that provide new benefits to our customers.

Committed to Exceptional Products

We have a thorough understanding of our products. Not only how to make them, but in how our customers use them, and what changes will add value to their business. Everything we manufacture is refined to make our customer’s job easier; products that are simple to use, will endure through heavy oilfield environments and require less maintenance. The systems we make save time and money because of our relentless research and development into more effective solutions.

Beyond operational performance, we also care about how our systems impact the world around us. We focus on building green solutions and offer some of the most environmentally friendly control valves on the market. Delivering effective oil and gas products while still protecting nature is a commitment Sur-Flo is more than willing to make.

Going Further for Our Customers

To us, leadership is being able to understanding the market while anticipating how new innovations will make a difference to operations. We excel in the market of valves and meters because of the extra mile we go through to develop exceptional products and back them with a friendly, knowledgeable service team. Talk with us and find out how we have helped hundreds of companies find the best solution to optimize their business.